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It is the business of Satan to do all that can be done in order to keep the lost destined for eternal destruction. This is a spiteful mission, but it is true. It seems that in these times he is doing a great job of extracting faith from the world in which we live. Are we headed toward the days of Noah? Are there indications that Satan is winning the spiritual battle that is presently raging around the world today? If so, then it is a time in which we must first, arm ourselves with the gospel, and second, we must engage the enemy at all costs. If you are aware of this raging spiritual war that is presently spreading around the world, then you need to read through this series of lectures of the Global Bible Class.
There is a dark cloud of unbelief that is circumnavigating the world. There are indications of this everywhere. But there is a beam of light that will dispel the darkness. Darkness exist only when there is no light. Therefore, we call on every lighthouse of the world to shine forth the gospel. Jesus started this business: While on earth, He said, “I am the light of the world” (Jn 8:12). And now, He says to us, “You are the light of the world” (Mt 5:14). We are His light because we live His gospel before the world. Join with us to preach the gospel to the world.


Africa International Missions (AIM) is seeking to inform church leaders around the world of the special opportunity to receive the 2015 edition of the Biblical Research Library (BRL). (There are 65 books printed in this one large volume.) We have received enough funds to subsidize half the cost of printing and shipping. So the pelletized shipment of 300 copies of the BRL can be shipped to any sea port in the world at your cost of US$1,500. To date, we have printed and distributed over 75,000 copies of the BRL volumes. This 2015 edition is revised and enlarged with ten more books.


We previously printed and distributed full 20-foot shipping containers of the BRL to start twelve Bible Resource Centers (BRC). However, the cost of receiving this amount of material hindered many churches and mission groups from starting their own BRC in their area. So we have worked out a printing and shipping arrangement with our printer/distributor, Amity Printing of Nanjing, China. This system is the option of sending smaller consignments of 300 volumes of the Biblical Research Library in a single shipment.   The subsidized cost of this shipment is US$1,500 for the recipient, which is half the cost of printing and shipping. This offer is to anyone anywhere in the world who would like to receive a shipment. (Your country must be serviced by a sea port, or you must have road access to a sea port in another country.)

We encourage everyone who receives the materials to sell the Biblical Resource Library volumes in order to pay the US$1,500, plus all your import tax. If anyone wants to register as a Bible Resource Center, the materials must be sold at market value in order to support the operation of the BRC. We encourage everyone to sell the BRL in order to encourage spiritual growth among Christians in your area. In order to develop spiritual growth among church leaders, individuals must take financial ownership of their spiritual growth. Those who subsidized these shipments seek to join recipients in a financial partnership that gives church leaders the opportunity to take ownership of their spiritual growth. This is the type of volume that is not to be given away. Those who receive it must pay something, for it is a volume for Bible teachers and preachers.

Anyone who would like to start a Bible Resource Center in their area can take advantage of this offer. When an offer as this is made, Africa International Missions seeks to pay for at least half of the cost of printing and shipping of the materials that it offers. But the recipients must pay up front their partnership funds, which funds are to be wired directly to Amity Printing if you reside outside the United States. If you resident in South Africa, then the funds are sent to the AIM’s SA account.   If the recipient resides within the United States, Amity Printing has an account in New York.

If a particular mission, or network of churches do not want to start a Bible Resource Center, they may still pay the US$1,500 and receive a shipment. There is no obligation to start at Bible Resource Center in your area in order to take advantage of this offer. In the future we will offer the Teacher’s Bible on the same basis, though the cost of the shipment will be different.

We must print a minimum of 5,000 of Biblical Research Library volumes in order to receive from the printer this pricing. This means that we must receive at least sixteen (16) requests for the Bible Teacher’s Power Pallet.

All requests must be made known by SEPTEMBER 1ST

All funds must be made available for wiring by OCTOBER 1TH


We cannot go to press with the printing until we receive sixteen (16) requests for shipments.


  1. As a recipient of the Bible Teacher’s Power Pallet, you must pay in full the US$1,500 cost to partner in the subsidized cost of printing. The subsidized cost means that you are receiving the BRLs at your port for US$5.00 each.
  2. As a recipient, the FULL amount of US$1,500 must arrive as payment into the account of Amity Printing. You must not forget that you must pay for the wiring fees.   If less than US$1,500 arrives at the bank of destination, you will not receive the shipment until the full among is in the Amity account.
  3. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE READY TO BE WIRED BY OCTOBER 1ST. No late payments will be accepted. If you cannot make this printing, can wait for the 2016 printing.
  4. If your funds do not arrive before this date, your requested consignment will be automatically cancelled.
  5. IMPORTANT: Africa International Missions is financially responsible to get the shipment to your sea port. After arrival at your sea port, you are totally responsible for all cost of customs and distribution from the sea port. Under no circumstances will Africa International Mission be responsible for any cost of importation of the shipment, or the cost of transporting the material to your center for distribution.
  6. These are volumes that must be sold. We do not encourage giving the books free to anyone.   Also, we do not encourage you as the recipient to release any book to any person on credit.


  1. Africa International Missions must have the commitment of 16 recipients, BEFORE the printing begins.
  2. Once the printing begins, it takes 8 weeks to complete the printing, and one month for the shipment to be made to all recipients.   (Amity Printing will keep everyone informed concerning dates of shipment and arrival of shipments at your port.)
  3. You cannot participate in this effort unless you have an active email. Documentation and correspondence all depend on active emails. Smart phone communication will not work. (We will not respond to any Facebook messaging.)   You must have a computer and active email in order that PDF bills and lading and waybills can be sent to you for reception of shipments.
  4. Shipments are made to sea ports only. If you do not have a sea port in your country, then this offer probably does not apply to you. However, the amount of material that is shipped in the consignment can fit in a small truck. If your country is serviced by the sea port of another country, you may be able to drive to the sea port and collect the shipment.


  1. If you want to start a Bible Resource Center (BRC) with this shipment, please keep in mind that you will have to sell the volumes for enough funds to pay for the subsidized cost of the next shipment.   We encourage everyone to start their own BRC. In this way, individuals can partially support themselves in selling the materials of Africa International Missions. (Materials include the Teacher’s Bible, Biblical Research Library and Mission Bible.)
  2. In order to start a BRC, you must reach out to all religious groups in your area. Sales to one religious group only will not work.
  3. If you want to start a BRC, you must register with Africa International Missions in order that we keep you informed concerning future shipments.

If you need more information, please email