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Theatrical Religion

Almost everyone has read about a particular spectacle of religious showmanship that has been circulated throughout the world. It seems that there was this bazaar religious reality show sometime in the past where there were several preachers jumping around an altar. The preachers then started to jump up and down like a troop of drunken monkeys on steroids. This carried for almost an entire day. They were screaming at the top of their voices, which screaming eventually made all of them so hoarse that they could no longer speak. They then resorted to cutting themselves with knives in order to excite an entranced audience of onlookers to join in.

The preachers were so intense in their outlandish theatrics that blood gushed from their severed veins and was strewn over the audience, many of whom were likewise stirred into an hypnotic frenzy of uncontrollable hysteria. It was a display of religious nonsense to the extreme. Some in the audience were so uncontrollably moved that they fell to the ground, rolling in every contorted way possible. Some in the audience were likewise crying out at the top of their voices. Others just fell down as stunned mummies because of what they saw in the behavior of the preachers dancing on stage around the altar. Those who had fallen down just laid there emotionally paralyzed in the exhaustion of a semiconscious stupor.
And then there was this one preacher who stood at a distance and mocked . . . . . .
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