Gospel Foundation

The statement of the attached billboard lists the centrality of the good news (gospel) that was carried out from the time a woman cried out in childbirth in a barn in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, to the moment when that same child, as a grown man with nail holes in His hands, disappeared in a cloud from His apostles’ sight somewhere in Palestine. Some have believed in this gospel journey of the Son of God, but have never taught a lesson on the incarnation of God into the flesh of man. And yet, the incarnation establishes the very heart of what constitutes the mentality and life of a believer (See Ph 2:5-11).

And then there are some who fail to understand the extent of the present kingdom reign of the incarnate Son of God, assuming that He is coming sometime in the future in order to begin His reign as God on this speck of dust that we call the earth. They assume that His present reign is limited to the church of believers whose members are sprinkled throughout the world. They have not understood that He now reigns over all things, including the church of believers (1 Pt 3:22).

Religionists who do not preach and teach the incarnation of God, nor believe in the totality of Jesus’ present reign over all things, are preaching and teaching a marginalized gospel message. As a result, they often fill in the gaps of their message with religious rites and ceremonies that they assume merit a salvational relationship with God. In doing so, they unwittingly establish a self-righteous system of religion to escape the implications of incarnational living after the One in whom they believe was only some good religious teacher who wandered throughout Palestine. But in teaching such a limited understanding of the gospel, they are actually preaching another gospel, that is, fragments of the true gospel that is saturated with meritorious religious rites and ceremonies that one must obey in order to be justified before God.

There can be no unity among such religionists simply because everyone is binding religious rites and ceremonies that are unique with their particular denominated group. They thus believe and teach another gospel that opens the door for self-righteous religiosity that marginalizes the sanctification of the incarnate Son of God on the cross.

This book was written to call out of the religious world misguided religionists who would seek to come into a unity of faith that is based on the totality of the gospel, the final action of which will be revealed in Jesus’ revelation from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire. He is coming again in order to take vengeance on all those who refused to respond to His gospel journey to this earth, which journey is reported to us in the Bible. If one does not respond in obedience to the His gospel, then there will be some unfortunate consequences when He comes again (See 2 Th 1:6-9).

Please download and share this book with your religious friends who have been frustrated with all the division among people of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We can be united on the foundation of the gospel, and thus, give one another freedom in those areas that do not infringe on the gospel. The more we agree on and focus on the gospel, many points of debate on other issues simply vanish away.