Inward Forces of Division

Unfortunately, at times in history in a democratic society, special interests of the society send their candidates to the center of government where social division is reflected in a congress that can no longer walk in unity for the benefit of the whole. Representatives of their respective constituencies arise to the floor of congress and express their frustrations as to why the elected officials cannot make unified decisions. The empire, therefore, has started to socially implode through an electorate that reflects the deep divisions that are within the society. Through social implosion by division, the empire is weakened, and subsequently, it is on its way to consummation from that which built the society. From the floor of the government we will begin to hear over and over again the words of betrayed compromises, “et tu, Brute.”

The more divided the empire becomes, the sooner its consummation is realized. Western civilization will not go out with a bang, as many empires of bygone years went out when militarily conquered by an invading army. Western civilization will not come to an end with a nuclear holocaust. That which we now know will slowly fade into the past. As the British Empire, upon which the sun once never set, faded away, so Western civilization will fade away in order to give way to a new order. In his book, 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years, Jorgen Randers concluded,

“Western nations are not going to collapse, but the smooth operation and friendly nature of Western society will disappear, because inequity is going to explode.”

Rander’s conclusion may be correct. He added, “Democratic, liberal societies will fail, while stronger governments like China will be winners.” When in 2017 1% of the people of the world controlled 82% of the wealth of the world, then we know that there will be some dramatic changes in a society where there is such great economic inequity.

As Christians, our worry is not so much about economic inequity, but moral dysfunction. Economic inequity surely leads to change, if not revolution, but moral dysfunction leads to the collapse of civilizations. Moral irresponsibility is always the cause of fiscal inequity. The greedy will always exist because they are that part of society who have given up the social norm to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

[To be continued.]

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