Loss of Moral Norms

The more liberal a society becomes, the easier it is for the citizens to lose their moral norms, and thus, their moral compass.   Consequently, the more liberal the society becomes in a free-market democracy, the easier it is for the people to lose their way. And in such societies, fiscal inequity invariably becomes real, and eventually the social trigger that ignites revolution.

The definition of a social liberal is that society is allowed to determine its own moral norms at any time in history. For example, if same-sex marriage is the present moral norm within the society, and subsequently agreed upon by society as a whole in the present, then same-sex marriage is right for the times.   However, same-sex marriage is not the real problem. Same-sex marriage, and a host of other social behavioral dysfunctions of the society according to the Bible, when accumulated as the behavior of the society, bring a civilization to its demise. As a liberal society, the people as a group are losing moral norms by which they identify themselves as a society. They lose those moral structures that keep society as a whole from adopting social behavioral values that would cause social continuity. The loss of moral standards is what produces divergent behaviors, which behaviors are contrary to a conservative philosophy of life that produces social continuity. Therefore, we must always look deeper into the soul of a society in order to discover those negative moral norms that bring civilizations down.

Though homosexually and same-sex marriage are social attacks against the family—the major building block of society—the moral problem of the two sins goes much deeper. There is sin beneath the sin. When a civilization is in collapse, those prophets who would stand up and voice their warnings, must focus on the sin beneath the sin that is destroying the sustaining moral norms of society. And in reference to the preceding two social behaviors, it is the attack against the central structure of the family that is the problem.

The liberal can never address the sin beneath the sin that destroys any social order. The liberal cries out in fear about generating the possibility of a nuclear war, a truly bad “sin.” But he fails to see the flawed moral norm that would push the nuclear button in the first place. In the fall of Western civilization, it will not be a nuclear blast, but a gradual decay of stabilizing moral norms that govern how we socially interact with one another. If we are liberal, and thus refuse to be directed by constant moral norms, then the majority in a democratic society will bring itself down as a society.

The extreme loss of moral norms in the Philippines encouraged a frustrated society to vote into power an autocratic leader who rightfully saw in the proliferation of drugs the end of their democratic society.   Extreme measures, therefore, were implemented to alleviate society of the problem that would bring down their democratic society, for a democracy cannot survive a cultural behavior of drug addiction. But the problem was and is not the drugs, nor a new social order of extreme police domination. The problem is sin beneath the sin. Social problems within society must be addressed before the sins of society can be corrected. Unfortunately, a liberal society exists because it seeks not to be judged by standard moral norms. It thus cannot correct itself, and thus ends up in a downward spiral.

If a society is to be morally preserved for the future, then the moral norms that make a society functional must be highlighted by society as a whole. Unfortunately, in a society that is on its way out or down, there will be no marches by liberals in the streets who encourage the binding of moral norms.   If there are marches by those who seek moral stability, then there will be voices of derision from the liberals against the moral marchers.

In the country of our present residence there was a nationwide moral march against the high number of murders, especially those committed on farms. One of the degenerate politicians of one of the parties of the nation stood up and berated the marchers with the statement, “If they [the moral marchers] don’t like the country, then let them leave the country.” This is the language of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is immoral language that brings nations down. The problem comes when the supposedly moral leaders of the country, the religious leaders, do not sense the self-destructive sentiment of such language of moral degradation.

Consider also a Western CNN interview with the new president of Zimbabwe. The interviewer asked the President, “Will you defend the civil rights of same-sex marriage?” The President replied, “Such is against our constitution, and it is my duty as President to defend the constitution of my country.” The CNN interviewer then asked, “So you are willing to keep your country in another age” (Emphasis mine, R.E.D.). We wonder if the interviewer in this matter does not represent a dysfunction society morally degenerating, while the “Third World” leader is trying to preserve a higher standard of morality in his country. At least the interviewer is a representative of a Western civilization that has fallen from the moral standards that were once cherished in the West lest than a half century ago.

Those moral dysfunctions that took down Sodom and Gomorrah have now become classified as human rights. And it is a function of the United Nations to promote human rights throughout the world. Therefore, not only has the West adopted those human rights that bring down the family structures of a society, the moral values of the West are now a mandate for the United Nations to impose on the rest of the world.

The Philippines is an example of a society that revealed through drug overdose that it morally lost its way, as the West as a society has revealed that it has lost its way in the opioid epidemic. We are awaiting what the West will eventually do in response to the opioid overdose of Western civilization. Statistics are now out for 2016 and 2017 in reference to life expectancy in the United States. Because of the opioid deaths, particularly among Millennials, average life expectancy has come down in America. Heroin related deaths tripled in America from 2010 to 2015. The New York Times, in a news release entitled, “The Opioid Epidemic: A Crisis Years in the Making,” reported:

“The current opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history. Overdoses, fueled by opioids, are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old—killing roughly 64,000 people last year [2017], more than guns or car accidents, and doing so at a pace faster than the H.I.V. epidemic did at its peak.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported through Reuters,

“Life expectancy in the United States dipped in 2016 as the number of deaths due to opioid drug overdoses surged and total drug overdose deaths rose 21 percent 63,600.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control also reported that opioid deaths have been on the rise since 1999. However, between 2014 and 1016 there was a surge of 18 percent per annum in opioid-related deaths. Of the approximately 64,000 opioid-related deaths in 2107, most occurred between the ages of 25 – 54.

There is social sin beneath the sin in this civilization. We see the symptoms of this moral cancer that is eating away at society. If what usually happens in the future in reference to solutions that are made by liberal democratic societies in the present, the solution to the opioid epidemic will not deal with the real sin that has caused the sin of opioid addiction. To address the problem, the liberal society of America has simply increased legal efforts to punish the supposed perpetrators whom they have demonized. Lawsuits, therefore, are now brought against the opioid producing corporations.

The Philippines, in different manner, dealt with the problem of drug abuse through the rise of an autocratic leader and police force that dealt harshly with the offenders. Thousands of drug users and dealers were shot dead. But in a liberal society, these measures are judged to be too harsh. Nevertheless, if all the lawsuits against the opioid corporations are won, the problem of opioid addiction will not be solved. However, and at least, the liberals of society who reject the enactment of strong moral norms will content themselves in their minor victories to prevent social destruction. Western civilization that has sluffed off moral constraints is actually overdosing itself unto death.

[To be continued.]

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