Incredible Mystery

You will probably not find another book that deals primarily with the theme of this short book. Sometimes we need to stand back from the Scriptures and immerse ourselves in the historical context of the times in which the early Jews lived when the Son of God was eventually incarnate in the flesh of man. We need to place ourselves in their world in order to understand their hopes and expectations as a culturally rich people who had been deprived of their freedom that the Israelites once enjoyed during the days of David and Solomon. The Jews who lived previous to A.D. 30 yearned for the past as they stood every synagogue while the rabbi read the Scriptures of their glorious days of yesteryear. They were able to endure their present indignity under the oppression of the Romans because they believed that God would eventually send them Someone who would deliver them. They hoped for the Messiah who would save them from their national oppression. But their hopes were askew and the Savior would not ride into town on a white hours. On the contrary, the Romans would nail Him to a cross. Hopes would be dashed! Despondency would set in! The immediate disciples just went on a fishing trip on the Sea of Galilee.


This is the book to share with those who cannot get past the man Jesus, in order to comprehend the gospel of the incarnate Son of God and His mission into and out of this world.

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