Unleasing The Gospel

LOCKING DOWN THE GOSPELWhat do you miss the most during this lockdown? If you are a gospel-driven disciple, then it is being distanced from those who need to hear the gospel. It is being frustrated about not being able to go to others and sharing the message that will unlock heaven for those who have no hope beyond surviving the coronavirus.
This book may not be appropriate for these times while we are in lockdown as gospel-driven saints. But maybe our moment of solitude in the confinement of our houses will re-ignite a spirit of evangelism, so that when we are eventually released, we will burst forth into all the world with the gospel.
Just keep in mind that it is not the nature of the gospel to be in a state of lockdown. Therefore, it is not the nature of a gospel-driven disciple to be living continually in lockdown in his or her house. We may have in the past chosen to voluntarily lock ourselves down from our responsibility to preach the gospel to the lost. But now that we are in lockdown against our will, maybe through sincere prayer and repentance, we can once again restore our spirit to its purpose of preaching the gospel to our neighbors once we are freed from house arrest.


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