Thank You!

I wanted to send out a note of “thank you” to everyone who has worked with me throughout the years in advertising the blogs. The blogs are now read by faithful Bible students in about 100 countries of the world. This would not have been possible if it were not for those of you who have told your friends about the blogs. Therefore, I want to thank each of you for continuing with me as I publish the initial writings of what eventually comes out as a book.

Most of my readers are in Europe and America. The reason for this is that most of the rest of the world does not have the privilege of being online all the time. Most of those in the developing world are limited in their online time, either at home, or at a computer cafe. Therefore, those who are in this situation, but read the blogs, need to have a special thanks for their loyalty.

I am presently working on three books. The first is at the proofreaders and will be published shortly. The other two will start appearing in segments in the next week or so. I do not apologize for the in-depth nature of what I write. In the theological world today – and I do not exaggerate – most of the religious books that are published are somewhat shallow in reference to exegetical studies in the text of the Bible. Therefore, I promise you that to the best of my studious ability, I will not seek to be shallow. That is not my purpose as a Bible student. I want to venture into God’s word to the extent that He inspired His word to be written.

I always remember a letter that I once received from one of my students over twenty years ago. I had written an editorial in a paper that we published for the International Bible Institute when it was active. In the editorial I quoted a couple students who said that the courses were very difficult. After the paper was sent out, another student wrote back and said, “What is all this complaining I hear about the courses being difficult? I READ THE TEXTBOOK TWELVE TIMES, and then I start studying through the Study Manual.”

My understanding of why the Holy Spirit took over 1,500 years to “write” the Bible was to make me feel good about studying every detail of what He had written. It is my goal to also take you there. The more we understand His word of inspiration, the better we feel.

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