Horror of State Atheism

The year 2020 marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the end of the civil police state of the Third Reich of Nazi Germany and the end of WW II. Our cable television networks here have for weeks shocked our remembrance with the horrors of a civil police state that had a strangle hold on societies across Europe. When the BBC documentary of WW II was first aired in the early 1970s, the producers estimated that through conflict and genocide of both Europe and the Pacific, over fifty million people died worldwide in the conflict that raged around the world.

Many societies today have become expressions of a liberal atheistic world view. This is nothing new in reference to the history of the civilizations of the world (See Rm 1:21-23). Since the core of any stable society must have a religion that is the expression of human faith, those societies that dismiss religion must become civic states, that is, the cohesion of the people must be centered around and controlled by godlike figure on earth. For example, Kim Jong-un of North Korea is a demigod among those over whom he reigns supreme. He is the “supreme leader.”

The problem with liberal atheistic states is that under the supremacy of a civic god on earth, the state must become the religion, as is true of the China communist state. The state thus becomes fascist, and thus the purpose of the police of the state is to enforce the laws of the state on the people. In a democracy, it is quite different. In a democracy, the people can change their leader if he becomes a demigod. Therefore, in a democratic state there is freedom to make choices concerning one’s faith. The role of the police in a democratic state is to enforce the right of the people to have the freedom to keep the constitutional rules of the rights of the people.

What led up to the rise of the Third Reich of Germany was a paradigm shift from democracy to a fascist atheistic state. Adolf Hitler was deified and worshiped, and a special police force, the SS, was commissioned to subjugate the people to the rules of the supreme leader and the laws of the civic state.

So we sat there viewing WW II documentaries with deep sorrow in the pit of our stomachs as the local television networks played one documentary after another of a holocaust when humans sank below the level of animal instincts. It was deeply disturbing as the documentaries sought to remind us that we should never forget an era in the history of mankind when a self-appointed class of fascists became a civil police state, and subsequently, built extermination camps across Nazi controlled Europe in order to exterminate another faith and people. The atheistic fascists did so because they made themselves moral judges over millions of human beings whom they determined were a physically, mentally and morally inferior race of people.

Over a decade before he launched his insane march across Europe, Adolf Hitler—who, according to the files of his personal doctor, was on amphetamines throughout the conflict—had convinced many of the German people that they were a special superior race of people. He advocated the assumption that the Germans were the superior Aryan race. He assumed that the Germans had descended from a special race of superior people who should reign with supremacy over all other races of people. Therefore, over a period of a decade, he subsequently convinced a majority of the German people that they were descendants from the Roman, Greek and Nordic Caucasians of Europe who were superior to all other people of the world, especially superior to the Jews whom he considered to be an inferior morally and intellectually.

Since the ideology of his assumption (Aryanism) was based on intellectual and moral superiority, he led many of the German people into thinking that since they were a superior race, then they had the right to control the world, and thus enforce their moral supremacy on others. In order to accomplish this goal, the German people had to distance themselves from the Jews. And in order to accomplish this distancing, each Jew had to sew on his clothing a “star” that identified the person as a Jew. Social distancing eventually led to the Jews being huddled into the ghettos, and then eventually, trained off to special camps where the social distancing would be finalized.

In the confusion of racial tensions today, it is often difficult for many to understand Hitler’s ideology of Aryanism. Moral distinctions in Aryanism were made in reference to a cultural caste system of origins and superiority, rather than skin color. Skin color was not a determining factor other than the fact that the Aryans always considered someone of color to be intellectually, culturally and morally inferior. This is why it was such an insult to Hitler during the 1936 Berlin Olympics when the African-American Jesse Owens won six gold metals before Hitler and the German audience.

Therefore, we must understand that the holocaust of WW II had nothing to do with racial skin color, but with one man’s obsession to be the supreme leader of the world. In order to quench his obsession, Hitler developed a hatred for a particular culture of people, the Jews, whom he determined to be an obstacle to his dreams. Therefore, the Jews had to be eradicated from the population of the superior Aryan race.
The Jews become a problem to the social and economic advancement of the Aryan race. Therefore, the Nazis determined that there had to be a final solution to the Jews’ existence in German society. Within the Nazi party there were those who eventually came up with a final solution. The solution was not simply slave-labor camps, but extermination in “death camps.” In particular, this solution was given birth from the evil mind of Adolf Eichmann and others who claimed that the Germans were morally superior to all other races of people, particularly the Jews.

Across German controlled Europe, death camps were subsequently built. One camp in particular exemplified the horrors of what a civil police state will become when it loses its moral compass. During its existence, the death camp at Auschwitz, Poland was the final destination for over one million human beings. Across Nazi controlled Europe people were packed into train cattle cars to the point where there was no room to sit. Often for days these human cattle-car trains rolled across the German controlled countries of Europe on a one-way trip to the death camps, the largest of which was Auschwitz.

When the trains rolled into the internment compound of Auschwitz, the men were separated from the wives, mothers and children. On our televisions we witnessed in our living rooms the old Nazi movie clips of screaming children being ripped out of the arms of fathers. The men were then led off to be assigned special tasks to work as slaves in order to continue the war effort for Germany. Those who were not needed were locked down in barracks where they were often left to starve to death. The older men were consigned to another group, which group was destined to the same fate that was facing the “useless” women and children.

The train cars loaded with human stock continued to flow across Europe. At the height of the war there were so many people crammed into the housing of Auschwitz that special gas chambers were then constructed in order to be the final solution to what the Nazis considered to be the Jewish problem throughout the German-controlled territory of Europe. In order to implement this solution, special buildings were constructed at Auschwitz. They came with “shower” heads for the “sanitizing” of those who poured to the camps. Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide) was order in mass from two German companies and shipped to Auschwitz.

We watched the documentary of crowds of mothers with babies in their arms and children clinging to their mothers. They all stood calmly outside these “sanitizing shower houses,” having no idea what was in store for them. There was no concern on their faces as they waited for their turn to be called in order to be “sanitized.” They were told that they must obediently be “sanitized” in order to move on to the next stage of their “relocation.”

When it came the turn for several dozen women and children to be “sanitized,” they were shuffled into the dressing room where they were told to remove all their clothing. Clothes were then thrown into piles where enslaved camp laborers later sorted through them looking for gold or diamonds that had been sown into the linings of clothes. And then the now naked and humiliated women, with their children and babies, were directed to enter the “sanitizing” room. Once everyone was in the windowless room, the doors were slammed shut and locked behind them.

Even to this point not one of the innocent victims suspected that something was tragically wrong. They simply followed the orders of those who had policed them into a room in order to be “sanitized.” They assumed that water would come forth from the shower heads in order to give them a refreshing bath after the many days they had endured in the cattle-train cars.

However, Zyklon B cyanide pellets were dropped and a poisonous gas vapor began to fill the entire room. The now terrified human beings in the room began to die one by one in the horrific clutches of one another’s arms. The terror lasted only five to twenty minutes before silence haunted the room with the last gasping breath.

It was then time for the “burn squad” to do their grisly work of emptying the room of dead bodies. After the room was ventilated, the now silenced victims, were tightly clutched together in death. The enslaved burn squad had to use hooked poles to pry them apart in order to remove the dead bodies. The burn squad then dragged all the dead bodies from the gas chamber toward the next destination of this madness. After all hair was cut from the bodies, rings removed, and gold teeth were extracted, all gold fillings were removed from the teeth. The bodies were then thrown into ovens in order to be burned to ashes.

The “sanitation rooms” of Auschwitz were so efficient in mass murder that eventually there were not enough ovens to burn all the bodies. So the Nazi operators started digging large holes in the ground in order to stack bodies one upon another, and then burn them in mass. At Auschwitz, the killing reached the astounding efficiency of up to 1,500 human beings being gassed every day. Of the more than 1,200 estimated death camps across German controlled Europe, about 1.2 million Jews were murdered at Auschwitz alone. The death camps were an efficient extermination (“sanitizing”) system to eradicate a race of people from all the Nazi controlled territory of Europe. In all the death camps, it is estimated that from 1940 to 1945 about six million Jews were murdered in order to expedite the rise of the Third Reich of Nazi Germany.

The dehumanization of an entire race of people was truly revealed through the behavior of those who had been convinced by the Hitler propaganda media that they were a superior race of people. The moral degradation was so complete, that after several weeks of murdering people in gas chambers, the leadership of the death camps realized that their German Nazi staff needed periodic breaks. So a special rest camp was set up where the staff, and their wives and children, could take time off and enjoy themselves together in a quiet forest atmosphere. Pictures were displayed on our television depicting smiling faces of the Auschwitz staff workers who were enjoying time on furlough before they had to go back to work murdering and burning innocent people they considered to be a subhuman race. There was no emotional attachment whatsoever with those men, women and children they gassed in those “sanitation” rooms. There was some concern on the part of one Nazi death camp official who wrote in a letter to his wife who could not attend the retreat, “If only the Jews would become Christians.” We grasp at this statement.

This is the depth to which religious atheism will descend into the very pits of hell. His understanding of Christian was so far from the nature of the God of heaven, that he had twisted his former Christian faith with atheistic state religion. Israel of old sank to such wickedness when in worship of their Baal gods, she even burned some of her own children in worship (See Jr 19:5; 32:35). While we lived in Brazil, the headlines of one morning newspaper read, “Parents Drown Their Babies In Sea In Worship Ceremony.” Israel retained their religiosity, but they created a god after their own moral degradation. They became a state of religious atheists.

It was Adolf Eichmann, the mastermind of the death camps, who said in his trial after the war for his war crimes, “It was the right thing for us to do at the time.” Eichmann was hanged for doing what he and thousands of Third Reich Nazis thought was the morally right thing to do in order to socially and economically advance their race of people. In order that his supposed Aryan race advance in this world, another race had to be ripped from existence.

During the recent January 2020 Golden Globe awards, Michelle Williams said in her acceptance speech for being voted best actress, “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose [abortion],” which indeed she had in order to go on to be a famous actress. Nothing has changed since the Nazi death camps. The only thing that may have changed is that we have moved from gas chambers to a mother’s womb in the chambers of an abortion clinic. It is there that millions of innocent and unsuspecting children are being ripped away from life. As we celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany, children are now being ripped out of their mother’s womb, instead of a father’s arms, as it was in Nazi Germany. People as Michelle Williams still believe, “It is the right thing for us to do at this time.”

When the Russian troops eventually fought their way across Poland, and freed Auschwitz, they could not believe what they discovered. The world was suspicious of what was happening in the death camps, but until they personally witnessed the very horrors of such camps. It was simply difficult to believe that human beings could sink to such moral lows. But the rumors were all true. Humanity can sink so low morally that people will commit such dastardly deeds to one another. Even the citizens of the city of Auschwitz, who lived next door to the death camps, had no idea what was happening. They only witnessed the smoke that seemed to daily rise from the camp.

o what the Russian commanders did was to march every citizen of Auschwitz through the Auschwitz camp in order that they personally witness the dead emaciated bodies that were stacked upon one another in great heaps, waiting to be burned or buried. They wanted the residents of Auschwitz never to forget the stench of death and the horror of what those of an atheistic civil state could do when they exalted themselves above another race of human beings.

The Russian commanders then made the citizens of Auschwitz personally take up an emaciated victim, dig a grave, and give the person a proper burial. The experience was so horrific for some of the residents of the city that they were haunted with nightmares for years to come. The Russians wanted the world never to forget what happens when people lose a sense of morality. Auschwitz must never be forgotten. We must never forget that when humanity forsakes the moral standards of God, the extremity of moral degradation is incomprehensible. Morally void humans will sink to the lowest possible level to where the imagination of a civilization thinks evil continually (Gn 6:5).

The problem with religious atheism is that there is no conscience that would stimulate any sense of repentance in reference to the God of heaven. The laws of the civic state replace the Bible, and the supreme leader becomes the god of the people This is what the Holy Spirit meant when He wrote through the hand of Paul, that a morally bankrupt people have “their conscience seared with a hot iron” (1 Tm 4:2).

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