Sociological Paradigm Shift

[Our citizenship is in heaven, but for the time we now live in this world. As world citizens, therefore, both of us must stay in tune with what is transpiring culturally throughout the world. The early Christians were very sensitive to this matter. In a meeting in Jerusalem, it was agreed by the church that Peter continue his preaching to those of the Jewish culture, and Paul focus on the Gentile culture (Gl 2:8). If we are not sensitive to cultural paradigms that are constantly shifting in places throughout the world, then we will miss some great opportunities, or at least not be as effective as we can be in preaching the gospel. The following is a chapter from a forthcoming book that deals with these matters. We now live in a world of atheistic ideology that is sweeping around the world, affecting even the religions of humanity. At the conclusion of this particular chapter, and specifically for those of you in America, please view the research of Tucker Carlson by clicking on the link that follows. Carlson has a research team who keeps up with American politics and culture. He reads the research transcript of his team. This particular episode is strictly clear in reference to what is presently transpiring in the American culture. If you live outside America, then it is time for you get a reality check of the changing American civilization. One of the “Black Lives Matter” socialist tried to generate a BLM movement in Ghana. The Ghana police arrested him and threw him in jail. The Ghana government sees through the hypocrisy of this fascist movement.]

When a civilization of people loses its moral bearings, then the people have subjected themselves to endless moral paradigm shifts throughout their history. Moral standards within a civilization are necessary in order to maintain the stability and integrity of the people. It is the particular responsibility of the religious people of a civilization to provide these moral standards. If the decision to establish moral standards is left to the secular state, or a vigilant and vocal minority, then as the culture of that state, or vigilant and vocal minority, changes, so also will change the moral standards of the civilization. The result will be that the citizens of the state will behave as the state dictates, or as the vigilant/vocal minority. Therefore, religion—though precarious as it may be—must be the determining foundation upon which any society maintains some consistency throughout the years of its existence as a civilization.

It is because of the stabilizing factor of the moral values of religion that works against any paradigm shifts in a civilization. If there is a shift, then the moral values must go along with the shift. The faith of the past must be discarded with all religion if the people are to be subjugated in heart and mind to the new ideology of the state. When the state starts dictating the behavior of the church, it is then that the people of faith within the state are in trouble. For example, during the Cultural Revolution of China between 1966 and 1976, Mao Zedong sought to eradicate all religion from the new atheistic communist state of China that he was seeking to establish. He saw religion as a threat to the communalization of the new socialistic China.

Since Zedong sought to subject the people to the mandates of socialistic Marxist ideology, he had to dispel any Higher Authority in the minds of the people that would be above the authority of the state. However, long after the end of the Cultural Revelation, the Chinese government apologized to the people concerning the negative effects that the Revolution of Zedong had on the country. Nevertheless, since the recent rise of President Xi Jinping, there seems to be a move back to the era of religious oppression that was wide spread under Zedong.

One of the local Chinese preachers, Huang Xiaoning, recently said in a release, “The China Communist Party wants to be the god of China and the Chinese people.” Because of this new “cultural revolution,” many Sunday schools and youth ministries in some providences of China have been banned. Ying Fuk, the director of the Christian Study Center on Chinese Religion and Culture at the Chinese University in Hong Kong, recently said, “President Xi Jinping is trying to establish a new order on religion, suppressing its blistering development [in China].” Subsequently, there has been the barring of many unapproved religious organizations. Throughout China, the government has implemented sweeping moves against all religions. Christian celebrations in many provinces have been officially banned. In fact, there is an effort going on now to re-translate the Bible to make it conform more to the sociological ideology of Marxist socialism. The Chinese people can no longer download Bibles from the Internet.

In order for the state to demand the total loyalty of the people, the state must do what Zedong did during the Cultural Revolution. Unregistered churches were banned in China in those days, including house churches. Many church buildings were burned to the ground. In some ways, similar acts against religion are taking place today, not only in China, but in Western civilizations. One former missionary to China who worked for six years as an English teacher in China schools recently communicated to us, “The Christians in China are now scared.” Mao Zedong vowed to eradicate religion from China during the Cultural Revelation, and it seems that the same desire is being made today under Jinping in order to submit the hearts and minds of the people totally to Marxist socialism. We are witnessing the same in the West as Marxist socialism is making it way into the political environment of America.

The reason for this move is simple. In order to implement Marxist socialism there must be total ideological conformity of the people to the mandates of the popular movement of the people. In the past year it has been reported that hundreds of unofficial churches and house churches in China have been shut down. It was reported by over five hundred Chinese church leaders that crosses have been torn down from existing church buildings and replaced with the flag of China. During assemblies, the people must sing patriotic songs. Minors have been barred from many assemblies lest they be influenced by an older generation that still clings to faith The government of China has even marched right into the assemblies of the churches in order that Marxist socialism be honored. This is now a common practice for governments throughout the world who seek to take their atheism into church assemblies under the guise of Covid-19 protection.

For example, in opening up churches after the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa, the government issued an eight-page directive that would control the behavior of the people. Churches were not untouched. The assemblies of churches were restricted to fifty attendees—sorry for number fifty-one who just walked ten kilometers to be present at the assembly. During the assemblies, the government mandate restricted singing to only one person at a time. There could be no congregational singing. The frightening thing about these and many other restrictions that were placed on churches throughout the country was that most of the religious population of the country did not push back against such restrictions. Though the government consulted with existing religious leaders before issuing the mandates, the mandates were still the sole decision of the government. Gone is the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state. As in China, the people of South Africa feared lest the police of the state discover that they were violating the religious policies of the state. As a result, many churches simply ceased to meet lest the assembled church break forth with joy and more than one person burst out in song.

In an effort to bring Christianity into compatibility with Marxist socialism, the present China government even seeks to control the training of those preachers who preach for government registered churches. All sermons that are preached in government registered churches must conform to the ideology of Marxist socialism. In order to implement conformity to this mandate, religious assemblies are often monitored by “official visitors.” If sermons contain any motivation that is not in conformity to Marxist socialism, then the preacher and members are often arrested. (Information about these efforts of the atheistic state of China suppressing religion throughout the country can be researched through may websites on the Internet.)

If we are living in the West, we might think that this is something that is happening on the far side of the world. But this is not so in these days as this moral paradigm shift is now taking place in the West under the banner of “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). This is not a movement in reference to skin color, but a moral paradigm shift in the West that is Marxist in its core value system.

Recent surveys have revealed that this movement is more popular than either the Democratic or Republican parties. It is more popular than religion, even the Pope. It has become a political party movement to change the American civilization. It is a party generally young people who appose all who would disagree with their ideology. Those who are aligned with the movement are not interested in dialogue or conversation concerning differences of opinion. It is assume that if one does not agree with the “woke” of the movement, then they are racist, or “white supremacists.” The BLM movement is a moral paradigm shift in American culture. It is a political movement against which no existing political leadership in Washington is pushing back in reference to the inconsistent ideologies of the movement. One of the primary ideologies is to dispel with the current system of policing. But in reference to the foolishness of this concept, existing politicians seem to be conforming to the moral shift of the paradigm. There is no religiosity among those of this movement. It is atheistic in ideology. We are reminded, therefore, of the present opposition of the China government against any religion in China.

In the publication of official government religious material of China, there are four basic ideologies that are maintained by the China government in reference to all religion: (1) It is taught that the Bible is not the word of God. (2) Jesus was not born of a virgin. (3) The resurrection of Jesus is a myth. (4) There is no final coming of Jesus. If these foundational truths are extracted from the teaching of state-approved churches, then there is no such thing as Christianity. Religion thus becomes atheistic. So is the BLM of America. Religion is now out of fashion.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea has adopted the same approach to controlling the hearts and minds of the people of North Korea. He has assumed the position of a “god” among his people, believing that this admiration of himself as the “supreme” leader will continually keep the hearts and minds of the people away from any theology of religion. By assuming this role in the hearts and minds of the people, he suppresses the desire of the people to establish any moral standards according to some faith in a Higher Power.

What we are witnessing today in the West is a similar paradigm shift from the moral standards of the forefathers to a new moral order that is patterned after the desires of a growing atheistic and narcissistic society of citizens. What is transpiring in the American civilization is a cultural paradigm shift to Marxist socialism. Those who are promoting this ideology seek to establish an atheistic culture under the umbrella of “democracy,” though the movement denies the very elements that make democracies thrive. It seems that those of this political bias are doomed to relive the past of many failed atheistic civilizations that have gone down that same road.

When there is social chaos within a society, then that group within the society who feel disgruntled with the existing status quo, will seek a change. In order to implement this change, there is often rebellion that begins with marches that usually digress into uncontrollable mobs. But it must not be forgotten that a move to socialism in a society that has in the past been built on a democratic market economy, the rebellion is a movement of destruction. That which built the economy of the society must be destroyed by the Marxist socialist in order to bring in a new socialistic order. Old orders of policing the society that upheld the old order must be changed to some new system. A paradigm shift in policing is thus assumed in order that the old economic orders be dismantled. The old must be destroyed for the sake of the new.

In order for a paradigm shift to socialism to take place in a society that has traditionally been based on religious standards of the past, new moral standards must be implemented. It is assumed that the old standards led to the economic inequity within the existing society, and thus these standards must be sacrificed for a new system of moral standards. Therefore, the neo-Marxist liberals of the West today are seeking to take over the culture of Western civilization through a moral change of function of economics in society. In order to do this, they must destroy the existing moral standards of the past in order to bring in new moral standards that conform to a socialistic state.

Since the policing of the past maintained the function of past standards, in the move to the new economic function of society, a new police force must be implemented. Adolf Hitler did this through his SS force who enforced the new economy and culture of the new Nazi Germany. As all such Marxist policing is supposedly nonracial, Hitler’s police force revealed its true character by racially boycotting all Jewish businesses in 1933. We know where that story ended. When a state turns to systematic racism, as did fascist Nazi Germany, no good will result. We are not deceived into thinking that the present BLM is not racist. It is racist to the core of its ideology of behavior.

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