Faith Is The Victory

THANKS FOR PARTNERING: The early morning hours are inspirational to me. In the crispness of a new morning, and during or after prayer, a thought will begin to generate. Albert Einstein said the best part of the day was the morning, and I would certainly concur with his conclusion. From the time an inspirational thought settles in my mind, I start thinking. It seems that one inspirational thought inspires sequential chapters that eventually expands into an e-book, one of which is being made available to you with this notice. After writing the initial thoughts that have now grown into a chapter, subsequent chapters seem to find their birth in that original thought. Over several weeks, “chaptorial” sequences are added before or after the original thought. When the original thoughts have grown near unto 75 or 100 pages, it is then that you have the results of the attached advertised e-book.
I must thank all those who have partnered with me throughout the years in sharing the e-books around the world that have often been inspired by an initial morning concept. I have printed thousands, if not shipping containers of hard copy books over the years. But in this modern age, printing of books in hard copies is very limiting in reference to distribution. Not only is doing such outrageously expensive both in printing and distribution, but in these days of computers and smartphones, it is somewhat senseless. For example, in my Biblical Research Library there are over one hundred books. Some person in a village of middle India or Africa can take a “memory stick” to a computer cafe in town, and download the entire library in less than an hour. After paying the hourly fee for online time, he or she can then walk out of the computer cafe with more Bible material than one could receive in a four-year Bible degree from a university. He can then, and many do, share with friends the books that are on the memory stick. If hard copies are desired, for a nominal fee one can print out the particular book he or she so desires. This is the world in which we live. Therefore, I and my supporters made a decision years ago to stop limiting the literature and research ministry by printing and distributing hard copies.
Once an e-book is completed, it is distributed throughout the world through three mediums: (1) Before the e-book is published as an e-book, most of the contents of the chapters have been shared online through my blog site. There are readers from about 100 countries around the world who are regular readers of these blogs. (2) Once the materials have been shared on the blog site, an e-book is eventually composed, and then sent to proof readers. PDF copies are then emailed around the world. Those who receive the PDF copies are encouraged to share the e-books they receive with their friends on their email list. (3) Facebook announcements are made through posting, sharing and messenging on my Facebook page or personal site. Through this medium I ask friends and recipients on Facebook to also share the e-books with their friends. Through all the mediums of distribution, several thousand e-books go forth into all the world in a matter of weeks.
I am very grateful to all those around the world who have been so generous and faithful in sharing all the e-books that I have written. Because of the Internet, this is the century of the writing ministry. Most teachers are not gifted writers—I give it a good try—but through live-streaming they are reaching thousands online. The advantage of writing Bible e-materials, however, is that millions have the opportunity throughout the years to download and research the morning thoughts of some author somewhere in the world. So if you want to begin your partnership with us in this ministry, you can download the book, FAITH IS THE VICTORY, by clicking below and sharing with your friends. (HINT: If you have sourced our website previously, be sure to “Refresh” the Library page so your computer will indicate the latest editions to all the e-books.)

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