There is a great open door that has been made possible by the Covid-19 pandemic. Members of religious groups around the world are now home, and in some ways, detached from their Sunday-morning rituals that were conducted by the local pastor or priest of their choice. Other than the limited attachment with their favorite preacher through live-streaming, members of religious groups have now been moved into an opportunity to dust off their Bibles and start reading again for themselves the Divine instructions of the word of God.

We know that it is God’s customary plan to allow Satan to work against himself. The most dramatic case of this work on the part of God was when He allowed Satan to stir up a mob to have His Son crucified. Since we conclude that God has allowed Satan to bring the dark cloud of the present pandemic upon the face of the world, God will use this opportunity to sift from the earth those who truly love His word. We must assume, therefore, that God is using us as His harvesters to reap fruit from the fields. We must be attentive to Jesus’ encouragement with which He challenged His disciples, “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already for harvest” (Jn 4:35).

We see the pandemic, therefore, to be a fantastic opportunity to encourage home Bible study. The pandemic may be one of God’s ways to give people one last chance to be reminded of His road map unto eternal glory. It is at least an opportunity for all of us to reconnect through prayer and Bible study with the one true and living God. After following so many other professionals who have monopolized, and limited, our knowledge of the Bible, it is now time to take the time to learn directly for ourselves His true destiny for us through a personal study of His word.

We have simply discovered that we no longer need those dreamers and man-made traditions that have been shouted from pulpits and podiums around the world. We no longer need all the prophets of doom. We have discovered that in our humble homes we can learn again the song, “The Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the world keep silence before Him.” So now, both preachers and people have been confined in lockdown silence in order to search their hearts for the purpose of building a true relationship with the Father through His word. This is indeed the days of opportunity to again walk by faith.

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