Prepare For Pain

Restoring today the original body of believers that was first established in the first century will not be easy. It will not be easy if we find ourselves comfortable in an existing religious group that has little or no support from the word of God. Continued compliance with the religious traditions of our fathers is often an effort to spare ourselves from any “spiritual” pain that we must endured in order to journey back to the authority of the word of God. Nevertheless, if we are to restore our confidence in the gospel and reassure our faith, we must go on this journey through the word of God. We must commit ourselves to restore the truth of the gospel and the resulting family of God that we read about in the New Testament.

We must remember that there was usually no spiritual pain when we moved into creating after our own desires or religious traditions a “church” that was pleasing to ourselves. There was no pain when we fell into the trap of meritorious* performances of our traditional religiosity that we received from our fathers. But in order to back out of any established traditional religion,** there will inevitably be conflict within our own minds, and possibly with those who have no desire to go on this restorational journey with us.

In making the journey out of traditional or experiential religion, we will better understand the misguided traditional religious paradigm into which the Son of God Himself came in the first century. Judaism was far removed from what God originally established at Mount Sinai. But because the Jews, by the time of Jesus, had created a religion after their own traditions, it was the right time in history for the Son of God to show up with some good news of freedom from religious bondage.

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