God’s Manual for Parenthood, II

B.  Teach the word of God in the home classroom.

The inspired manual for parenthood continues in Deuteronomy 6 with the following instructions: “Talk of them [the commandments] when you sit in your house” (Dt 6:7). In the field of secular education, “home schooling” has become a worldwide environment where millions of children are taught by parents outside the public school environment. For centuries, the home has always been the primary classroom for successful education of children in the word of God. In fact, when parents started giving their children over exclusively to the Bible class teacher, the education of children in the word of God diminished.   Deuteronomy 6:7 emphasizes the home as the primary environment in which children are to be taught the word of God.   The primary teachers are the parents.   The Bible class at the local assembly of the saints must always be in second place as the Bible school house.

The best environment in which children can be instructed in the word of God is when the family is together in the home. The problem that is facing many Christian homes today is that Christian parents have delegated all teaching of the Bible to their children to those who are outside their own homes. The instructions in the statement of Deuteronomy 6:7 means that parents have the responsibility of teaching the Bible to their children in the home. Parents are the designated teachers. Other teachers outside the home are only blessings who should support the teaching of the parents in the home.

We live in an era where every sort of entertainment has been invented in the assemblies of churches. If one would ask the parents of these assemblies why some have gone to such extreme systems of entertainment, they would unanimously state that they wanted to “save their children.” Most of these parents have failed to follow the instructions of Deuteronomy 6:7. Most have often failed to have daily Bible study in their homes from the time their children were small children, and thus, they have turned to “saving their children” through some concert assembly outside the home. They fail to understand that the necessity for the “entertainment assembly” is the last resort to keep their children because they have failed to teach their children in their homes.

It is the responsibility of the Christian home to impart Bible knowledge to the next generation of citizens of every society.   It is advantageous to have public Bible classes outside the home, Bible schools and Vacation Bible Schools. But if there is no Bible teaching in the home, then the success of public Bible teaching of the children will always be limited.

Albert Taylor once said, “One percent of the child’s time is spent under the influence of the Sunday School; 7% under the influence of the public school; 92% under the influence of the home.” Now who would have the greater influence over the children in the matter of influence and teaching?

The Christian’s home must be the primary school environment for the children. And in this school, the word of God must be the primary textbook. It must be this way from the time the children can listen to their parents reading the word of God to themselves, to the time the children eventually leave the home to start another home Bible school in their own home.

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